Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hoosiers in Art-Musicians, Singers, and Composers

A young Hoagy Carmichael (1899-1981), drawn by the illustrator McClelland Barclay. Born in Bloomington, Carmichael was known for his songs "Stardust" and "Georgia on My Mind" and for his movie roles, especially in The Best Years of Our Lives (1946). 

The U.S. Postal Service recognized him with a stamp in 1996.

Cole Porter (1891-1964) was also a Hoosier. Born in Peru, Indiana, he, like Carmichael, composed popular songs and appeared in movies. He also appeared on the cover of Time magazine, on January 31, 1949. The artist was Boris Chaliapin.

Cole Porter composed scores for Broadway musicals. His most famous is probably Kiss Me, Kate from 1948, the score for which is on the piano in this charcoal portrait by Soss Melik. 

Finally, like Hoagy Carmichael, Cole Porter has been commemorated on a postage stamp.

Secondo "Conte" Candoli (1927-2001) was born in Mishawaka, Indiana, and famously played in Doc Severinsen's orchestra on The Tonight Show. He also had his own group, as this album cover from 1957 shows. Eva Diana was the artist.

The great Wes Montgomery (1923-1968) hailed from Indianapolis and died entirely too young. People still listen to his music nearly fifty years after his death.

The Jackson 5 famously came out of Gary, Indiana. In 1971-1972, they starred in their own animated Saturday morning show on ABC-TV.

Jack Davis of MAD magazine fame drew this caricature of the Jackson 5. Unfortunately I don't have a better version to show.

Captions copyright 2014 Terence E. Hanley

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