Friday, July 1, 2016

Joseph A. Trover (1915-2002)

Joseph Albert Trover was born on February 26, 1915, in a place called Four Corners in Vermillion County, Indiana. He studied with Simon Baus, George Jo Mess, C. Curry Bohm, and Edward R. Sitzman. Trover was a member of numerous art associations and won numerous prizes and honors. In addition to being a painter, he was an art teacher and a judge at art shows. You can read more about him at the following website:

Please be aware that some of the information on that website may not be entirely accurate.

Although he grew up in Dana, Indiana, and lived in Indianapolis, Joseph Trover was an artist of Brown County. I have not found any illustration or cartooning credits for him, but a few days ago I discovered at Half-Price Books a few copies of the magazine Outdoor Indiana from the 1960s. There on the cover of the October 1963 issue is the following image:

Bean Blossom is the name of a place in Brown County, a home to artists for more than a century. Trover owned an art gallery there. I have not seen this bridge that I remember, but in some places in Indiana, you don't have to drive far to come across a covered bridge. Parke County, adjacent to Trover's native county, is home to more covered bridges than any other county in America. Every fall, it has a covered bridge festival. By the way, Joseph A. Trover died in 2002.

I have been away for most of the last two months. That explains the lack of postings here. I hope to catch up in July and August with four postings per month. Next: more from Outdoor Indiana.

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