Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Independence Day!

"The Glorious Fourth at Yapp's Crossing" by John B. Gruelle (1880-1938) of Indianapolis, from Judge magazine, circa 1910.
"Particle of Smoke, Containing Fourth of July Microbe, Highly Magnified" by Harvey Peake (1866-1958) of New Albany, also from Judge, circa 1910.
The cover of We Love America by Josephine van Dolzen Pease (1951) and illustrated by Esther Friend (ca. 1907-1991) of Indianapolis.
A scene from the Revolutionary War in Vermont, drawn by Roy Frederic Heinrich (1881-1943) of Goshen, Indiana, taken from The White Mountain Scrap Book by Ernest E. Bisbee (1946), originally from Heinrich's series for the National Life Insurance Company of Montpelier, Vermont.

An illustration showing the surrender of General John Burgoyne at Saratoga, October 17, 1777, by Frederick Coffay Yohn (1875-1933) of Indianapolis. Burgoyne's surrender took place more than a year after the first Independence Day, but it proved a turning point in the Revolutionary War and helped assure that we would soon be free of tyranny.

May we forever be so free.

Happy Independence Day, America!

Captions copyright 2014 Terence E. Hanley

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