Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oscar L. Davidson (1875-1922)

Oscar L. Davidson was born on March 2, 1875, in either Ogden or Fithian, Illinois, but lived in Indianapolis for more than half his life. He was known as a woodcarver and illustrator of historic ships. In the eleven years prior to his death, he operated a commercial art business with his oldest son Austin. Davidson was a member of the Society of Indiana Artists, Indiana Illustrators Club, and Art Association of Indianapolis. He died at home in Indianapolis on January 3, 1922, and was buried at Crown Hill Cemetery.

Update (July 14, 2014): I received this image of a painting by Oscar L. Davidson from an anonymous reader. This reader believes the medium to be gouache. The date is unknown, but it appears to have been from the early 1900s, perhaps around 1910 to 1920. Note the reworked portion of the picture in the upper left. Thank you, Anonymous. 

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