Thursday, September 8, 2011

Clotilde Embree Funk Snapshots

Jim Deans, a reader of Indiana Illustrators, has kindly offered snapshots of Clotilde Embree from a family scrapbook. Clotilde was a friend of Jim's mother-in-law and other family members. These photographs, taken in about 1915 in Princeton, Indiana, show a glimpse of not just another time but another world. 

Photographs of Clotilde Embree and friends, taken ca. 1915 in Princeton, Indiana, probably at or near the home of Mary Skelton Welborn by an unknown photographer, submitted by Jim Deans, and owned by Catherine and Jim Deans.

Upper Left
(Left to right) Top-Mary Skelton Welborn; Clotilde Embree; unknown blonde with curls; Mary Catherine Welborn, daughter of Mary Skelton Welborn.
Bottom-Catherine Richards Butler; head of her brother, William Skelton Butler.

(Left to right) Top-unknown blonde with curls.
Bottom-Catherine Richards Butler; Clotilde Embree; William S. Butler (head in hands); Mary Catherine Welborn.

Bottom Left
Clotilde Embree. Jim Deans writes: "I'm guessing ca. 1915 since she looks about 20 and Catherine Richards, b. 1902, looks about 10 to 12 in the other photos."

Jim continues: "Catherine Richards Butler was the daughter of Jessie Valerie Skelton and Horace Graham Butler. Thus Mary Skelton Welborn was her aunt."

Thanks to Catherine and Jim Deans.

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  1. Very nice Clotilde Embree pix. At last, a face to put with the artist's many works. I haven't found her in the 5-volume geneaology that I have, but it may be from not going slow enough while looking for others. At any rate, I'm happy to see these.

    William N. (Bill) EMBREE