Friday, January 16, 2015

Mightier Than the Sword

"No political cartoonist is worth his salt who misuses his valuable space by drawing inoffensive, pretty pictures about the news. A political cartoon is a weapon of attack to be used against the evils and the follies of society. It is potentially the strongest weapon in modern journalism. Often it is drawn in good humor and often it is not. It does not matter how it is drawn if it achieves the purpose of the cartoonist. His purpose is not to be well-liked and popular. It is to reveal injustice and deflate humbug. His purpose is to sting you to awareness of what he regards as a social evil."

--Scott Long 

In his preface to The McDonald Book: A Collection of Editorial Cartoons by the Grand Forks Herald’s Award Winning Cartoonist [Stuart McDonald] (1963)

* * *

"In the long, fierce struggle for freedom of opinion, the press, like the Church, counted its martyrs by thousands."

--James A. Garfield

Quoted in Our American Heritage, Charles L. Wallis, editor (1970)

Thanks to BH for the first quote.

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